Where does the Survivor Theme Song come from?

As a long time fan of the show, I have often wondered the origins of the famous Survivor theme song. The song, called Ancient Voices by Russ Landau, has been the show’s theme song for every season since the show started in the Fall of 2000. If you haven’t heard the song, give it a listen:

Ancient Voices Origin

Most Survivor viewers assume that Ancient Voices, the theme song of Survivor, comes from some sort of tribal chant or it’s simply just gibberish. The truth is that the theme song comes from an old Russian folk song called Poidu Vyidu na Ulitsu (Пойду выйду на улицу)1, which means “I’ll go and get outside”. Fitting right? Check out the original below.

New Theme Song, New Location

Some fans may have noticed that each season of Survivor has a new theme song. Often, the composers of the song will incorporate an element of the country’s culture where Survivor is filmed that season. As you can imagine, this makes for a very unique mix of theme songs. You can watch a compilation of all of the theme songs. My personal favourites are Survivor Africa and Survivor Thailand.


Survivor Theme Song Mashup

If you watched the compilation, you may have noticed that the Survivor All Stars theme song is a mashup of all of the theme songs from Season 1 to Season 7, which is pretty cool. One YouTuber took this idea and made a mashup of all of the Survivor seasons. It’s pretty neat – check it out!

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