Top 10 Italian Songs by Levante

Levante has been producing music since 2013 in Italy. Born in 1987, Her real name is Claudia Lagona, but goes by the stage name Levante. The name Levante was inspired by a character in an Italian movie. Levante, in Italian, means east, rising, standing up, which she feels represents her brand and the tone of her music. She has also been a guest judge on Italy's X Factor which has produced stars like Marco Mengoni, Francsesca Michielin, and Lorenzo Fragola. She has also participated at the famous Sanremo Festival in Italy (Il Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo).

Her 2017 album, Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti, reached number 2 on the Italian Bilboards. She has released in total four albums: Manuale distruzione, Abbi cura di te, Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti, and Magmamemoria in 2019.

Below are some Levante's best songs in recent years with music videos! Let me know which one is your favourite below.

1. Andrà tutto bene

2. Tikibombom

3. Abbi cura di tea

4. Finché morte non ci separi

5. Duri come me

6. Le Lacrime non macchiano

7. Gesù Cristo sono io

8. Ciao per sempre

9. Non me ne frega niente

10. Pezzo di me

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