French Demonstrative Pronouns: celui, celle, ceux, celles

To say this one, that one, these ones, those ones in French, we can use the following words, which change in gender (masculine, feminine), plurality (singular, plural), and proximity (near, far)

Singular Plural
Near Masculine Celui-ci
this one
these ones
Feminine Celle-ci
this one
these ones
Far Masculine Celui-là
that one
those ones
Feminine Celle-là
that one
those ones

Some examples are:

Je vais acheter cette voiture-là. Curtis va acheter celle-ci.
I’m going to buy that car. Curtis is going to buy this one.

Quel appareil est-ce que tu choisis, celui-ci ou celui-là ?
Which device do you choose, this one or that one?

Omitting -ci and -là

You can omit -ci and -là if qui and que come directly after celui, celle, ceux, celles. In this scenario, celui, celle, ceux, celles can also mean the one.

Trouve celles qui sont rouges.
Find the ones which are red.

Je recommande ceux qu’elle regarde.
I recommend the ones (that) she’s looking at.

The particles, -ci and -là can also be dropped if you have a descriptive phrase joined by a preposition (usually de, but also à or en).

Celui de Katrina est plus grand.
Katrina’s is bigger.

Ceux au chocolat sont terribles !
The ones with chocolate are terrible!

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