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Posted by | June 30, 2019
9 Little Known Facts About Canada

This weekend Canadians are getting ready to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, which commemorates Canada's confederation and marks the start of our fight towards independence (in 1867). Canada is...

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Posted by | June 15, 2019
Where does the Survivor Theme Song come from?

As a long time fan of the show, I have often wondered the origins of the famous Survivor theme song. The song, called Ancient Voices by Russ Landau, has been...

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Posted by | June 4, 2019
Determining your Age in South Korea

Did you know that people in South Korea have a different way of counting their age? In South Korea, you may be two years older than you think.

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Posted by | June 1, 2019
25 Essential Phrases you Desparately Need for your Italy Trip

If you're thinking about heading to Italy in the near future, this post was made for you. From hello to thank you to goodbye, we've got you covered. Master these...

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Posted by | May 20, 2019
7 Hostels You Can’t Skip During a Year Abroad

I've stayed at a lot of hostels over the years. I've gone through my long list of previous "homes" and reveal my top 7 favourite hostels from around the world.

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Posted by | May 3, 2019
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Peru

Planning on going to Peru? I went recently and put together a list of things I wish I knew before getting to Peru. Peru is a beautiful country and a...

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