When asked what I want to be when I grow up, I would say professor or lawyer or something that sounded impressive. The truth is that my dream career is to be able to travel the world, try new foods, learn new languages, and share my experiences with my network.

Connect with me and share in my adventures!

My name is Dillon March, and I’m originally from Guelph, Ontario, Canada – near Toronto. So, far I’ve travelled to 29 countries (), and I hope to visit many, many more in the near future!

Since I was younger, I have always had a passion for languages. I remember trying to learn Mandarin on the bus ride to school when I was in 14. I’ve always excelled in our mandatory French classes. In University, I chose to study French and Italian. Along the way, I took some Spanish, Mandarin, and German courses. During my master’s, I tried to learn a bit of Mi’kmaq (a North American indigenous language). And in my adventures around the world, I picked up some Dutch and Greek.

I can speak and write fluently and confidentally in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. I can communicate semi-effectively in Mandarin, Dutch, and Portuguese. And I know a little bit of Mi’kmaq, German, and Greek.

My goal is to be able to speak 10 languages and to visit 50 countries before I’m 30 (in June 2024).